Google to Roll out AMP Landing Pages for Adwords

Aidan O'Sullivan | September 22nd 2017

Google to roll out AMP landing pages for Adwords

Having run betas in May, Google has recently announced that businesses will be able to direct search ads to AMP landing pages from mid-September onwards. Lightweight Accelerated Mobile Pages are designed to load instantly in comparison to even responsive mobile landing pages.

The impact of slow web pages on marketing is well established, with common statistics such as conversion rate dropping by 20% for every second loading often used to highlight the importance of landing page quality. From a paid media perspective, this obviously can have a huge impact on engagement and overall ROI.

Theoretically then, implementing AMP should have a significant impact on search ad performance. Specifically, engagement metrics such as CTR and Bounce Rate should improve significantly, leading to a higher conversion rate and ads delivering higher ROI.

Results from May’s beta seem to indicate that this is the case and implementing AMP landing pages can be very effective. claimed to have a 95% jump in conversion rate and Greenweez saw an 80% increase in mobile conversions, with a 66% lower CPA on mobile, while Saatva Mattress was able to significantly improve engagement metrics such as bounce rate and pages per session.

Although the published results have to be taken with a pinch of salt, the potential to massively improve results such as the above is an incentive most advertisers won’t be able to resist. This is without taking into the account landing page quality has on quality score. Assuming that using AMP landing pages ensures a high landing page quality, advertisers can then expect to enjoy lower CPCs and potentially a better ad rank.

Unlike organic search where AMP pages are auto-detected, advertisers will need to set the AMP page URL within AdWords before it can be implemented. More on what is needed to set up AMP landing pages within AdWords can be found here.

Image: Panumas Yanuthal @ Shutterstock