Google street view coming to the UK

PushON | October 3rd 2008

A few weeks ago a friend emailed to say she’d seen a Google car just south of Birmingham with a “weird aerial” on top of it- I wondered what it was. As I was walking out of my house (in Manchester) this morning I spotted a black Google car with a rotating camera on top taking pictures, so I took a picture to share with all of you.

Google Street View is an extension of Google Maps, which displays a 360 degree panoramic view of the map. Google Street View has already been implemented in America, Australia, Japan and parts of France, it looks like the UK is next.

There has been much controversy over Google Street View due to people complaining that it is an invasion of their privacy. This has led to Google promising to blur out all faces and car registration numbers. The US government has also requested all military bases be removed from Street View, however many people have republished images of people in situations they might not wish to be seen in, such as men going into adult book shops and girls sunbathing.