GTunes: Google Music Service on its Way

PushON | October 26th 2009

According to Tech Crunch and other leading news publications Google is launching a new music service with partners iLike and Lala. The announcement is expected to come on wednesday and change the way in which we search for music online.

For a long time searches for music and bands has bought up fan sites which give little information for people searching directly for songs or albums. For example many people will be looking for a new album by a band they like but not necessarily know the name of that album. Trying to find that new album would be difficult with the current set-up as users would have to click through several pages on a site. This is not ideal as users want information quickly and easily.


The new service will display a thumbnail, background info, review links and most importantly a preview button. This will allow people to listen to short extracts of music and then have the option to purchase that music. Of what i have read users should be able to buy from other services including ITunes. This will be an important inclusion as Google won’t want to be seen as being unfair. Also Itunes has a huge user base.

Of course we will be able to see just how the service will work on wednesday and it should hopefully transform the way we find out about music on Google.