‘Hardcore Blogger’ Senior Executives in the North West: 17% spend 7+ Hours Blogging at Home Every Week

PushON | September 16th 2010

A new piece of research, conducted as part of a partnership between the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and PushON entitled Digital Directions: How Business Decision-Makers in the North West use the Internet, has uncovered some interesting data about senior managers in the North West’s blogging habits. The research draws data from a survey conducted during June and July this year, completed by senior executives from the top 500 companies in the North West.

The research uncovered many things about top executives in the North West blogging habits.

One figure that stood out from the respondents was that a large majority of their companie, all from the top 500 in the North West, did not have a blog and weren’t actively blogging. The small amount of companies that did have a blog also took little inspiration from the senior decision makers, as the data proved that people in senior positions don’t contribute to their companies blog. Interestingly amongst these C-level executives there exists a significant proportion of hardcore bloggers, those that admitted to spend over seven hours every week blogging whilst at home. It is not clear from the research whether this very active blogging scene by leading managers from the North West’s top 500 companies are for industry-specific blogs or whether it is for recreational of hobby-based pursuits.

If one thing is to be learned by these findings, it is that senior decision-makers are very aware of the blogs and companies aiming to target or influence these top executives should consider reaching out to them through blogging.

To see more of the findings from the research access the white paper Digital Directions: How Business Decision-Makers in the North West use the Internet, available from the 20th of September 2010.