Has Marketing Ruined Christmas? Introducing YouScrooge!

PushON | December 16th 2014


Every year, it’s the same. “Christmas is losing its true meaning. It’s getting too commercialized.” It’s a relatively novel argument, first circulated in 1843. Truth is, there has always been a celebration around midwinter, and it has always been about letting your hair down and doing extravagant things as we celebrate the days getting longer. You’ve got to wonder what would be the attraction of an uncommercial Christmas, especially for the kiddies.

People will often try to deflect their own wholesale approval of commercial Christmas by blaming the marketers for ramming festivity down their throats. Sure, it’s hard not to sympathise when for two months we traipse around packed shops assaulted by dreadful music, feel social pressure to have opinions about supermarkets’ TV ads and pretend we’re amused by ironic jumpers.

But while it might be an expensive time, let’s not forget that the retail and hospitality sectors employ about five million people in the UK, and Christmas is a vital time of the year for them. Who can blame them for clamouring to market themselves better than their competitors?

So where do you stand? Has marketing stolen Christmas? Or is it a vital time of year for the UK economy as well as being a slightly inebriated form of social glue?

We’re hoping to find out once and for all with YouScrooge – PushON’s highly scientific tool designed to gauge our fellow Brits’ attitudes to the Christmas marketing machine, written at great expense by fiction’s most infamous miser.

Try YouScrooge now and tweet your score at the end – you could win a £50 hamper and we’ve got some special (random) prizes to give away, too.