Heineken moves to real time marketing

PushON | April 25th 2013

Globally renowned brewing company Heineken is overhauling its social media marketing approach. The firm will be employing real time marketing streams in an attempt to reach consumers who regularly use mobile devices.

Part of its approach is in the development of consumer-led ‘second screen’ content. One idea behind this is a company-branded game for customers watching major events, such as the Champions League.

In a further area of development, the company is designing apps for Facebook that are optimised for mobile and can be implemented by other brands.

Heineken’s head of digital strategy said:

“We’re working on projects at the moment that are building on consumer behaviour rather than interrupting it.”

He went on to explain that the changes in the company’s mobile strategy would allow marketing executives to use social media to converse with consumers. This conversational approach is growing in popularity as a method for marketing within social media channels.

Heineken has worked with Facebook and Google to learn about its target audience’s online behaviour. From this work it found that the consumers it wants to reach are likely to be using several connected devices.

From the work with Facebook, Heineken believes it can develop its real time marketing strategy to ensure consumers actively seek conversations with its brands. Its marketing team is building apps to integrate social media marketing that doesn’t interrupt consumer behaviour but responds to it.

In addition to its work with Facebook, Heineken is looking to get involved with Twitter in order to promote its sponsorship of music in America.