Honda uses Pinterest for CR-V campaign

PushON | April 17th 2013

With many global brands increasing their social media marketing budgets, Honda is taking a less costly approach to its promotional efforts by choosing to use Pinterest. The company’s latest campaign highlights the efficacy of a well-planned social media marketing campaign.

In terms of exciting social media ideas, Pinterest led the way in 2012. Based on the idea of image scrapbooking, it has gained a large number of users who are ‘pinning’ and collecting followers at a rapid rate. Like all social media channels, Pinterest also offers easy communication links for its users. Honda recognised these key elements before deciding to launch its campaign.

The firm’s new CR-V model has been branded with the slogan ‘get out and live life’. It is expected that buyers will be young adults who will have been immersed in a diet of social media over the last few years.

To begin the campaign, Honda looked for Pinterest users with large numbers of followers and connected with them. With a range of users to work with, they sent out a challenge to avoid using Pinterest for a full day. The successful users would then be rewarded with cash to spend on bringing an image to life; Honda called this a ‘Pintermission’.

The company then created a range of image boards and asked the previously contacted users to upload content to these boards. This gave the firm access to a much larger user-base.

The approach is more complex than many social media marketing campaigns but more than 4.6m people saw the boards and the excitement moved across platforms through Twitter and Facebook.