How Businesses Are Using Foursquare

PushON | March 18th 2010

So you may have noticed that some of the guys in the office have been playing a lot with Foursquare lately. Our updates have been feeding through to Twitter and yesterday I became mayor of PushON. Sadly today I lost my position to Sam. I digress, but apart from the fun and games of Foursquare we have been looking at how businesses have been using it and how it can be used for SEO.

In this post I wanted to share some examples and discuss some optimisation techniques. The really simple implementations seem to work best with many approaches revolving around becoming a mayor. For example bars in America are offering free drinks to the mayor. It’s simple but effective as it gives many people a reason to revisit the bar.


Some businesses have been using Foursquare to gain customer feedback. This approach can be extremely effective for businesses such as restaurants and makes use of the ‘to do’ list function on business profile pages. You will often see a task in a ‘to do’ list saying ‘share your feedback’. The information gathered from this could be potentially very valuable. It may highlight weaknesses or give you an insight into what your customers want. I have not seen any great implementations of this as of yet but if you come across any please do share them with us.

The Points System

Foursquare makes use of a point system where users are awarded points for checking in to different locations. Some businesses have been encouraging users to achieve certain scores. For each point they obtain a monetary value is assigned. At the end of the campaign run by the business the proceeds will be given to charity. This would appeal to users as they feel they are doing a good deed and enhance the company’s reputation.

Big Brands Using Four Square

Some of the world’s largest brands have been tripping over themselves to get in on the Fouraquare action. Some of the big players include:
Metro News

Local Search and Foursquare

Local search has become big business and anyone in SEO will know the value of it. At Think Visibility (which we attended last weekend) Tom Critchlow gave a great talk on local search. He highlighted the importance of getting a good number of citations and reviews. There are many places in which you can do this and Foursquare profile pages could be a possible location. The profile pages get indexed and you can list your address in the correct format on there. I have not had chance to test the value of it but it’s worth having there from a business stand point.

At PushON we have started implementing Foursquare profiles for some of our clients which include an umbrella company, a shoe retailer and much more.

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