How To Get Twitter User And Mention Stats With Google Docs and Topsy

PushON | July 15th 2014

We’re huge fans of Topsy here at PushON – it’s a great source of Twitter stats but sometimes a bit time consuming to use.

Suppose you wanted to stalk 50 Twitter users and give them awards based on the amount of times they’ve said “fuck” then you’d get annoyed quite quickly (it’s important to know who the sweariest person at a conference is). Or suppose you wanted to chart the growth of a hashtag in customisable increments of time? To solve this problem, we managed to jury rig Topsy up to Google Spreadsheets and share it with you cool cats.

VIEW IT HERE. Make A Copy If You Want To Edit It

(File -> Make A Copy).

Have some instructions.

Tab 1  – The Twitter Calculator

Cell A1: Start Date (US format, mm-dd-yyy) – time is GMT
Cell B1: End Date (US format, mm-dd-yyy) – time is GMT
Cell C1: The word OR words you’re looking for. i.e. @mattcutts -RT will search for how many times they’ve tweeted Matt Cutts excluding retweets.

Cells A2-A51: The people you’re looking for stats on.

Tab 2  – Minutes

Charts how usage of a certain word or tag increases.
Cell A1: Start Date (US format, mm-dd-yyy) – time is GMT
Cell B1: Bucket size (in minutes). i.e. 3. 50 x 3 minutes from the start date will be checked (150 mins).
Cell C1: The word OR words you’re looking for. i.e. suarez

Other cells get automatically filled in. The example, it shows how Twitter reacted to something a certain footballer did.

And it plots it all on a sort of plain looking graph.

Tab 3 – Twitter Scraper

The last tab just pulls in stuffs from Twitter so you can make nice looking Twitter profile collages like so;

Laura Thomas @_elteeRob Goodswen @RobGoodswenAndy Barr @10YetisBeccaaaaa. @CurvyBlueBeccaChris Jones @CF_JonesBarry Adams @badamsPaul Madden @PaulDavidMaddenPete Handley @ismepeteBex @RebeccaWhokristalsmile @kristalsmileMatt Davies @matt_daviesBen Cordell @BenMeetsWorldJonny Pennington @heresjonnypAndy Thompson @andy_thomoJosh R @technicalfaultSadie Sherran @seobelleJudith Lewis @JudithLewisJoanna Halton @joannahaltonDom Hodgson @ThehodgeSimon Banoub @BanoubyPedrom P @PedUKDave Naylor @DaveNaylorStacey MacNaught @staceycavJames Whitelock @jaywhitelockIrishWonder @IrishWonderTony Dimmock @Tony_DWMDarren Jamieson @MisterDazSimon Wharton @PsychobelGemma Eccleston @Gemmaeccleston

Although the images stop working when they change their profile pictures.

Any questions, Tweet us @pushonltd.

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