HR survey: social media under-used as recruitment tool

PushON | March 28th 2012

A new survey taken among HR directors has identified what appears to be a distinct lack of interest in using social media as a source of staff recruitment.

The survey, by recruitment consultants Robert Half, claims to have found that 70% of directors believe social media sites such as LinkedIn to be either ‘ineffective’, or not sufficiently proven as effective, when it comes to usefulness as a recruitment tool.

The survey also claims to have identified strong doubts among 63% of respondents that CVs will be replaced in future by profiles posted on social media sites.

Robert Half further points to a general failure among HR directors to fully exploit social media, with just 32% of those questioned claiming to use social media sites as a means of interacting with job applicants and only 30% saying they source candidates via social media sites.

In a boost, however, to those fearing the possibility that social media posts might compromise their privacy, the survey revealed that the temptation to take a furtive look at social media profiles in order to see whether candidates have engaged in ‘unsuitable’ activities had been actively followed up by just 22% of respondents.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Robert Half UK’s managing director, Phil Sheridan, said:

“While professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, will continue to connect business professionals, our research shows that hiring managers still prefer more traditional recruitment methods, such as using of online job boards, employee referrals and recruitment consultancies.”