Instagram Stories

Jennifer Faughnan | August 3rd 2016

So everyone seems to be talking about Instagram’s latest update, the introduction of their ‘new’ stories feature. Why has this got everyone talking? It’s not just the usual buzz of a new fun feature, many are of the opinion that Instagram has pretty much copied Snapchat’s USP.

Instagram stories allow users to post a ‘slideshow’ of images separate to their main feed, which will last for 24hrs, whilst also giving you the ability to draw on them, write on them and add filters (okay so not the AR filters Snachat offers but still).

Is this a good thing or bad thing? The response has been very mixed, with some exclaiming that they don’t use Snapchat for a reason, and others relishing in the opportunity of seeing snippets of the lives of their fav instagrammers.

We’re sure there will be implications, both positive and negative, for businesses using Snapchat and Instagram. Only time will tell!