Integrated Marketing Communications – Offline Advertising for Websites

PushON | August 7th 2007

This is a bit of an old story, but one I thought was appropriate to dig up… comedy value and good pictures more than anything else.

In 2005 Golden Palace bid for advertising space in novel offline locations to promote their online business.

If ever the phrase “seemed like a good idea at the time” was more relevant…

Offline Advertising for Websites

For more information, and for a colourful account of the Golden Palace publicity stunts, check out the register:

It has been quite rare that online companies have ventured into the realms of cross channel advertising – Ebay, Amazon and are examples of a few sites that employ integrated marketing campaigns, using consistent messages across outdoor media, TV, Radio and of course online marketing.Offline Advertising for Websites

Generally, noticeable marketing campaigns for online businesses are available only to large scale companies with big budgets, but there is still a lot you can do if your still smaller than Google.

Some things we would recommend – Always add your website address to your email footer, business cards and any printed material. Viral marketing and blogging can be done on a small budget, and can be great for generating targeted traffic to your main website.

There are some more tips on offline advertising for your website on