Introducing Online Marketing Superheroes!

PushON | December 11th 2013

Online Marketing Superheroes Santa


What Is Online Marketing Superheroes?

Online marketing. Just a mention of the phrase can send certain folk into paroxysms of bliss and bring forth tales of hard-won campaigns about page ones, measurably improved conversion rates and outperforming that ad with the woman peeling glue off her face.

Well it’s time for recognition. Real recognition. Measurable recognition. You can keep your swanky award ceremonies, your heartfelt LinkedIn recommendation clicks, your pending Verified User applications.

Because at last, recognition has come in card form. PushON has created the Online Marketing Superheroes challenge trump cards. And your name might be on one.

How We Calculated The Values

So how do you even begin to compare and contrast practitioners at the tops of their games? How can the dark art of marketing-by-wire be put in such a way that they are represented fairly and ranked in order of their repute and power?

You use an algorithm, of course. A fair and transparent algo based on online and offline presence that’s impossible to influence and that delivers ranks that can be trusted and used for iquitous purposes. Then you run those results through our patented Billshut modifier, and hey presto, we have a bunch of almost random numbers assigned to values.

How To Play The Online Version

Simply challenge the opponent of your choice by selecting their Twitter handle, choosing a card and selecting an attribute. They’ll receive your challenge and respond likewise. Win or lose, you’ll be entered into our draw to win SASCon tickets, packs of Online Marketing Superheroes cards and chocolate money. Winners will be drawn daily and informed via twitter. Merry Christmas, one and all!