Is Lady Gaga A Man?

PushON | August 13th 2009

Well, I very much doubt it, but that’s the current Internet rumour.

Google suggest is a user friendly feature which gives you some related options based on the first couple of characters you type in the search box. As a full time Search Marketer, it’s a time saving feature that I appreciate. It also shows what people are writing about on the Internet – ordered by a combination of volume and recency.

Quite funny to see what Google’s gossiping about though…

is lady gaga a man?

There is a huge volume of search results for the phrase “Is Lady Gaga a man”, and even “is Jade Goody dead”.

Paddy Power have been very responsive to the trend – they’ve got a novelty bet on for whether she’s a woman, man or hermaphrodite.  And strangely, the odds for her being a lady are just 1/3.

For the second item in the list, some insensitive soul has created the website

By the way, don’t look at the source code. It’s not pretty, I don’t think he was a fan.

So the jury’s still not out on whether Lady Gaga is a man…

What Is Lady GaGa? Hide
Singles Only. Applies to the sex of Lady GaGa. PP decision is final. Must be discussed in an interview in 2009 after Aug 11th and confirmed by Lady GaGa.

All Lady 1/3

Hermaphrodite 9/4

All Man 5/1

Robot 1000/1

Alien 10000/1

USPGA Championship
Premier League