@Kaiwayne Rooney on Twitter

PushON | November 4th 2009

The following is a guest post from Adam Moss, the news editor at Manchesters Brazen PR We are rather chuffed to be publishing it


He’s not even a week old but such is the instant fame of Kai Wayne Rooney that there is even a Twitter page (@KaiWayne) dedicated to his every move.

It’s pretty clear, with only the briefest glance at his profile photo – a tiny Shrek figure in a nappy – that this isn’t a Rooney-sanctioned Twitter page but, so engaging and downright hilarious are the tweets, it already (after just two days) has 160 followers.

For sport pundits and aficionados of comedy it is a must read. At this stage there is no clue who the real author may be – that’s a whole other Twitter debate yet to be acted out – but, whoever the pen-meister behind the page, he’s a comic genius.

Try this on for size……..

“Blimey! Just reading mummy’s copy of ‘Hello’ and learn that Fergie used to be married to Prince Andrew. Like Elton and David I suppose.”


“Really pleased my surname is Rooney and not Ropractor.”

If that doesn’t hit the spot what about……

“Nev’s telling me about the Pally & Bruce era of 94. Funny, I saw Mr Bruce on the telly earlier. I wonder why he ate Mr Pallister.”


“I wonder if David Ngog’s middle name is Wash?”

It’s like a written version of Spitting Image and uses all the old comedy tricks to vividly paint a picture of what life should be like in the Rooney household right now, with added comedy bells.

Now, while there are lots of ‘fake’ celebrity pages currently residing on Twitter, I’m hazarding a guess that this is one which won’t be reported as spam by anyone.

If only, when Kai does eventually get his own social media page, it could be as entertaining as this.

The tabloids need to do a bit of digging and get hold of whoever is behind the page and give them their own column. If the Queen’s reading this – give the man a knighthood. It’s the best thing online by a country mile right now.

I’ll leave you with the Kai tweet that had me rolling this morning.

“Dad, why is mum called Colin? Are you like, one of those new couples?”


Adam Moss
Brazen News Editor