Keyword Research – Keyword Discovery Is Driving Me Mad!!

PushON | June 25th 2007

Keyword Research for Online Marketing

As we’re setting up search marketing campaigns, we use various tools to research for initial keywords, and at the moment I’m having an absolute nightmare with Keyword Discovery.

Drilling into search terms is taking an 5-10 minutes to see results (if I’m lucky!)

I’m seeing frequent internal server errors.

When working on a project, it doesn’t hold the focus of that target project when you move on to further research… hence we’re building a massive collection of random keywords from various projects in the fairly useless ‘default project’.

And I’ve seen enouch of this egg timer to last me a lifetime:

Keyword Research for Online Marketing

The Online Marketing Blog had published the results of a poll rating different keyword research tools, and surprisingly keyworddiscovery comes out on top.

I would agree that it would be useful if it worked more often and was faster.