Kylie Social Network Shocker

PushON | November 6th 2007

Kylie Social NetworkingOh dear… Poor Kylie.

She’s just released a social networking site for her fans – it has been designed for mobile use, and is clearly based on best viewing on a mobile device.

But does it really need to look so terrible on a computer screen?

See what you think : Kylie’s Social Networking Site

The developers (New Visions Mobile) suggest it’s more flexible and mobile than Facebook, Myspace, et al – but I would have to disagree.

Although MySpace is hard work on a mobile, and downloads a large amount of images, Facebook released a mobile version this year that is easy to view and update on mobile devices.

You can even text updates using your phone without launching it in your mobile browser – surely this would be much easier for Kylie to update on the move!

I’m hoping they are planning to make updates to improve the site – in my opinion, on the list of things to do are:

  • domain redirect
  • user friendly error pages
  • how video is embedded
  • general aesthetics
  • navigation
  • browser/device detection
  • large screen style sheet version

One alternative Kylie could have used would have been Ning. It’s a platform that allows you to create your own social network.

PoshMama Social Networking

They have been featuring the TuDiabetes network, but one example that I quite liked was the PoshMama social network, and it looks lovely on my mobile browser.

So… as it said on my school report Kylie, nice try, but you could do better.




I’ve been informed I have missed an opportunity to remind everyone why we love Kylie… here is the image resource suggested:

Kylie's Bottom


Further Update


Just to clarify that this really is Kylie’s bottom, but judging by the article in The Independant, it seems that some airbrushing was involved to remove a fairly vital item of clothing.