Larry Kim: PPC Marketing – SAScon 2015

Daryl Burrows | June 11th 2015

First time in Manchester and England

State of PPC and beyond

Slides available

40 or so countries visited in the last 6 years

Winnipeg – colder than Mars for half the year

21 private in Canadian arms forces, swore to protect common wealth

Queen owned all my stuff, money stamps school signs – woman’s branding

Today Larry lives in New England. 10 years ago. Boston, Massachusetts – similar to England. Harvard square, found by English colonists – Harvard uni – founded workstream here 2008.

Averaging half a billion in yearly ad spend. Grown to over 200 employees in 2015

5 key trends impacting the future of ppc marketing

1) price and inventory headwinds within paid search

Search cpcs keep falling (overall) merging in clicks from Brazil etc; so this is an average. Segment by device though, cpcs are actually at an all time high. Every penny increase is a penny decrease in your clients ROI Inventory – how much ad inventory is there to buy? Apps are stealing from desktop searches. More than 50% are happening on mobile – but let ad spots on mobile obviously. Problematic trend, high cpcs, but flat inventory of search space. Thus, search marketer needs to be picky, higher value clicks – don’t mind paying more, as long as the value is there. Google have noted this, and rolled out bidding options that enhances targeting (location, Geo, etcs) further segmentation of clicks beyond the clicks.

Rlsas – adding value to the click

So where will ppc growth come from?!?

Users spend 5% of time searching for things, 95% of time consuming media/content

Display ads, more and cheaper than text, somewhat good conversion rates – cpa GDN better than search and you can step on the gas and be aggressive

Rwmarkering – more you show someone the same as the less likely they are to click but if they do  lick they’re twice as likely to convert – it’s like wearing them down with the GDN

Growth from display, unlimited inventory

2) rise of identity based ppc marketing

Incredible force, I like any other shift before. Market to specific individuals.

Facebook and Twitter has tailored audiences. But ppc is like email marketing but better

Email marketing most widely adopted form of Internet marketing – because it’s easier to market to existing customers


PPC has fixed all the email marketing challenges.

Facebook and Twitter are leading but google will introduce email targeting to display and search ads by the end of the year

How does stuff go viral? You need to get content in front of influential people. Curate lists. It’ll get picked up.

Larry did a piece, and garnered massive brand exposure for workstream based on the article because it was so targeted.

Small example of how to open up identity based marketing to make media go viral.

The future of display ads is native mobile because Rwmarkering doesn’t work on mobile apps, because there’s no cookies.

3) Mobile ads, duh

4) Google taking away all the toys

Rip keyword match types, close variant renders all the other match types 85% similar to each other

Year before that they introduced enhanced campaigns

What’s the trend Google? Well, mindless repetitive tasks are becoming extinct. Keyword targeting are falling by the way side in favour of dynamic search ads, PLAs, Google can even overwrite your site links with an auto generated one

We focus our efforts on then;

One does not simply use the same ad as everyone else. Therefore, usp, emotional triggers differentiate to increase efficacy! We focus our efforts upon the actual marketing aspect of PPC rather than the technical aspects (match types etc)

Another thing to focus on is first mover advantage – use Google’s new features first. Adopt these first and you will win big. Gmail ads for example, adoption is lower than 1% but it’s advantageous, you can disguise ads in people’s inbox at the top – 5 times more ctr

Be a unicorn among a sea of do keys.

5) Rise of content Remarkering – convergence of paid, social, organic teams

Larry’s coined this.

PPC and SEO are finally starting to converge when they used to be individual silos

Content marketing + Remarkering = Content Remarkering

Amplify the content to the correct audience

Create, socialise, amplify and tag

With a Remarkering cookie

Big cookie pool, segment this and use it

Still need content to make this work, but you’ll get more out of all your channels efforts

Treat display ads like content

The same emotions people use for clickbait are the same what people use for Remarkering

We have to work together, to create these clickbaity ads to get the CTRs up and the CPC ads down