Lindt planning mobile marketing and social media campaigns

PushON | October 18th 2012

Chocolate maker Lindt has announced plans to try and drive sales in 2013 through a concerted campaign of mobile marketing and social media activity.

Among the strategies likely to be adopted by the company is the introduction of gaming around the Lindt brand, as well as direct mobile commerce (m-commerce) consumer sales.

Although sales for the company increased by 4.4 per cent in the first half of 2012, the figure was lower than had been predicted. The company has said it feels it needs to engage more with its target market – hence its forthcoming ventures into the mobile marketing and social media spheres. Lindt’s Head of Impulse, Tim Stoller, said:

“A lot of people think we’re very traditional brand and maybe don’t have as closer connection with us as they do with a brand like Cadbury. Changing this attitude is going to be at the centre of all the branding and sales activity we do next year and mobile can play an important part in aligning our sales and marketing activity more closely together to achieve this.”

Stoller says that the company has already ramped up its website to enable direct sales and that this might form the framework for how it develops its new m-commerce facilities.

In terms of its social media drive, Lindt is understood to be focussing on using a number of sites, including both Twitter and Facebook.

The push to increase sales is also understood to be partly driven by pressures on revenues in mainland Europe because of the recent Eurozone troubles.