Linkbuilding In Real Life (Jaamit Durrani)

PushON | September 4th 2010

Jaamit will be covering 6 main points, starting with…

1. Link Building can be Daunting

Break your link building efforts down, and make it manageable and achievable. Schedule your time depending on how many resources and the different techniques you have. Plan your efforts over the year, not just for the coming month.

Link building is not something that happens over night.

2. Quality vs Quantity

You should plan on getting lots of quality links, instead of focusing on few quality links vs a lot of quantity. Understand the techniques on both sides of the spectrum.

3. Stop obsessing over your home page

Don’t just focus on building links to your home page. Real success comes from sending quality links to inner pages

4. Anchor text is your friend

A link with a keyword in the anchor text is 90% of the time more powerful than one without. Target your links to reflect the keywords you are targeting if possible. Even though people don’t naturally link like this, it works in terms of SEO benefit.

5. “Create great content and links will come” – is misleading

Unless you engineer it, the links coming through to your website naturally won’t neccasarily be to your ‘money pages’. Even if you have great content you still need a network of people to find and read it.

6. It’s time to burn our hats

The black hat vs white hat debate needs to be less of an issue, as it makes people scared of testing new techniques and gaining potentially valuable links. All SEOs are ultimately trying to manipulate the rankings, whether it be seen as “black hat” or not.

Real Life Link Building Examples

– Wall Glamour
– Zath
– Ab Wellan

Starting with Wall Glamour – their main keyword “wall stickers” receives 165,000 searches per month, and would like to know how to get back to number one in Google.

Firstly, Jaamit looks at how they lost their number one spot.

You don’t need to be an excel “ninja” – just look at the back link profile and data available to understand whats going on, and why the competitors may be doing better than you are. The point is not to imitate your competitors, but to understand why they are doing better than you.

Competitor one in the SERPs: They are flooded with “sponsored” with exact match footer links from many different websites using PHP fusion themes.

Competitor two: They have done a lot of “do follow” blog commenting, with targeting anchor text across many high authority websites (blogs).

So what do you do when you understand how you competitors are ranking higher than you?

Yes you could report them to Google, but instead you should organise a “plan of attack” from multiple angles, utilising a varied range of techniques.

It’s very possible to regain the #1 spot and dominate the long tail search.

A potential plan to gain links for Wall Glamour:

1. Low level anchor text deep links at scale ( a lot of them)
2. Anchor text in copy links from well trafficked, high PR blogs.
3. Links from trusted domains
4. Recover and claim on-site link juice

To delve further into the points:

Low Level, Anchor Text Deep Links

– Use article spinning instead of article directories. Manually rewrite current articles many different times, so you have lots of similar articles that are all unique and can be marketed seperately (with varied targeted anchor text)
– Use 3 exact anchor text links per article (spinnable)
– Diversify the locations you are publishing the articles on to get a greater linking domain diversity

Some resources for this: Article Ranks (in Beta) and Article Marketing Automation

Anchor Text, In-copy Links from Well Trafficked, Decent PR Blogs

– Guest blogging is brilliant for rankings, and Google loves these links. Guest articles can lead to content published on an established domain, often getting retweets and comments.

You can start with a website called My Blog Guest, and move further into industry blogs that you discover yourself.

Some further resources for guest posts: Solo SEO and Ontolo

Get Links from Trusted Domains

– Research and make a list of all the art & design schools and colleges in the area (and all of UK)
– Get on the phone and propose a joint “designer of the month” competition, the winner creates a WallGlamour sticker which is part of their portfolio
– Links(s) included as part of the collaboration

Recover and Claim Onsite Link Juice

Bonus tip: Wall Glamour have an old website called – this should be 301 redirected for further link authority. If you have any old websites or domains that are not being used (and are relevant) then 301 redirect them.

Further examples were given by Jaamit for the other two websites listed at the beginning of the post, but all of the main points have been covered above.