Magazine publisher anticipates imminent digital editions sales boost

PushON | November 29th 2012

Leading magazine publishing company, Future, says it is forecasting a significant increase in sales of its already successful digital portfolio as the year begins to draw to a close.

Future says its optimism is based on the high demand for tablets being predicted for the Christmas market – a demand which it says is likely to be encouraged by the release of new devices from Microsoft (Surface), Amazon (Kindle Fire), and Apple (iPad Mini).

The company already boasts a gross revenue of $100 million each month from the sales of its digital editions – with online versions of magazines, such as Metal Hammer and T3, having managed to generate sales in excess of £6 million for the first time during 2012.

UK monthly circulation for the digital edition of T3 currently stands at 30,000 copies.

The expected increase in tablet sales is seen by Future as likely to be similarly accompanied by an increase in demand for digital content such as magazines:

‘We are expecting quite a spike in December from sales of tablets which look like they will be big again this Christmas,’ said the company’s chief executive, Mark Wood.

In terms of its overall publishing activity, Future says in the UK alone, which is the source of the company’s profits and 80% of its overall revenues, the proportion of circulation attributable to digital editions had risen from 1% in October 2011 to 5% by the end of September 2012.

In contrast, sales of its print editions over the same period fell by 7%.