Our top Magento 1.x extensions, but are they ready for Magento 2.x Yet?

Sam Rutley | April 28th 2016

Having worked with Magento for 7 years now, we’ve compiled a list of our top Magento 1.x extensions a number of times internally – but are they Magento 2 ready yet?

CreareSEO (Creare)

The CreareSEO extension resolves a large number of technical SEO related issues with Magento 1.x, including: html sitemaps, crawl budget management (through layered navigation), structured data.

Is it ready for Magento 2? Yes, an initial release is available to purchase from Creare.

Advanced Breadcrumbs

The Advanced Breadcrumbs extension by XX for Magento 1.x adds RDFA schema to breadcrumbs, allowing Google to understand the hierarchy of pages within the website. In addition the extension resolves a core issue with Magento 1.x, whereby users navigating to a product page directly (i.e. Google) have no breadcrumb path, as the path is built based on the navigation path of the user.

Is it ready for Magento 2? No, the extension is not required for Magento 2 as breadcrumb markup is now included within the core Magento 2 Theme.

SagePay Suite Pro (Ebizmarts)

SagePay Suite Pro provides facilities for taking payments through the SagePay payment gateway, with a number of key features including tokenisation and 3rd man fraud checking.

Is it ready for Magento 2? Yes, a limited version of the SagePay Suite Pro extension can be purchased from Ebizmarts.

Premium MatixRates (WebShopApps)

Premium MatrixRates by WebShopApps provides flexibility to merchants wanting to provide weight-based, location-based and volumetric-based shipping methods on their Magento 1.x store.

Is It ready for Magento 2? Sort of, Premium MatrixRates has been replaced by ShipperHQ (by the same company), more information is available from ShipperHQ.

MegaMenu (MageStore)

The MegaMenu extension for Magento 1.x by MageStore allows merchants control of their menu, including the ability to feature products, images and videos within mega menu dropdowns.

Is it ready for Magento 2? Yes, the MegaMenu extension is available for purchase from MageStore


Nosto provides personalisation, abandoned carts and Facebook retargeting to Magento stores.

Is it ready for Magento 2? Not yet, although you can download the development release from GitHub.

WordPress Integration (FishPig)

The imaginatively named WordPress Integration extension, provides integration between WordPress and Magento, primarily pulling WordPress content into the Magento theme.

Is it ready for Magento 2? No, although there are signals http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/extensions/magento-2-compatibility/ that an extension will be release for Magento 2 shortly.

POS by Ebizmarts (Ebizmarts)

POS by Ebizmarts allows multichannel retailers to install Point of Sale in their bricks and mortar stores. Using POS by Ebizmarts alongside the Ebizmarts MultiWarehouse extension allows retailers to utilise multiple stock pools within Magento, facilitating support for multiple stores.

Is it ready for Magento 2? Not yet, although we believe a release is on the radar.