Magento Audit Bookmarklets

Sam Rutley | April 21st 2016

We’re often asked to carry out Magento Audits on existing Magento Community and Enterprise Edition websites in order to ensure they have been developed to best practice, and/or to identify issues with the architecture, configuration or underlying code base. During the audit process we tend to use a variety of tools to assist us, including a number developed by the Magento community.

Given the range of tools used we’ve developed a number of bookmarklets, which allow us to carry out the audit efficiently.

A bookmarklet is a JavaScript based browser bookmark which allows you to run operations within the browser.

To install the bookmarklet, simply drag the links (orange buttons) below into your bookmarks bar:-

MageReport Bookmarklet

Scan a Magento store to ensure security patches, and best practice security principles have been applied using MageReport.

Run MageReport

Google PageSpeed Insights Bookmarklet

Run the Google PageSpeed Insights to see how your store performs, and gain recommendations on how performance could be improved. This tool should be run on the homepage, category and product pages as a minimum.

Run Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool Bookmarklet

Run the Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool to ensure Google see’s your website as mobile friendly. This is particularly important after the Google Mobile Update in 2014.

Run Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Bookmarklet

Run the Google Structured Data Testing Tool in order to validate structured data, including Schema on your website.

Run Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Facebook Open Graph Validator Bookmarklet

Run the Facebook Open Graph Validator to validate Open Graph Meta Data on your site.

Run Facebook Open Graph Validator