Marketing For Luxury Southport Hotel: The Vincent Hotel

PushON | February 24th 2009

We are delighted to announce that we have recently won the online marketing account for the Vincent Hotel. The Vincent Hotel is one of Southports most fashionable venues and is located at the heart of Southport. The hotel offers 5 star accomodation and is often frequented by top footballers and celebrities.


One of the most exciting things for us apart from the hotel itself is the quality of their website. The code is relatively clean, the creative is excellent and the range of feature is increasing. General manager Bernhard Stacher is also very technically minded making it much easier for us to put ideas and tactics across.

To help establish the site in the search engines we will deliver a regionally targeted campaign. The hotel is located in the centre of Southport making it ideal for both locals and visitors. We want to attract locals to the many excellent facilities on offer by the hotel while also attracting outsiders to the area. In order to achieve this we will be looking at terms like Southport Hotels and accomodation in Southport.

While researching hotels and SEO strategies i noticed that many hotels rely heavily on their brand names and don’t engage much in online marketing activities. However many travel bloggers are extremely tech savy and come up with some really excellent marketing ideas. We will of course be looking at blogging strategies and Twitter for the hotel.

As you can imagine there is lots to be getting on with but we would love to hear your feedback on the site so feel free to leave us a comment.