Marketing for Manchester Estate and Lettings Agents: Kings Residential

PushON | September 18th 2007

Kings Residential WebsiteWe really don’t like Estate agents all that much.

Not necessarily for the clichéd reasons of sharp practice but more for the fact that the vast majority of them have absolutely appalling websites.

Even the biggest names seem to be absolutely clueless when dealing with search. If you do a Google search for property in a particular location, you want to land on a page that delivers property in that particular location.

So basically if I search for, say, commercial property in Manchester, the page I land on had better give me exactly that. But no, try it. So often, you land on a page that is simply a home page or presents you with a search facility for the site. I’ve just done searching thank you. I don’t want to search again. That’s what Google is for.

Let me introduce these hard of thinking money grabbers to the concept of the “back button” on a browser. It means that the business that gives me the data I want gets my enquiry.

Hmm, maybe I’ve been bottling that up for too long. I’m meant to be telling you about an account win. Darren at Kings Residential had the good sense to come to the marvellously talented (ahem!) VirtuAffinity for a website build that would look lovely and be very easy to use.

Kings Residential Property Website

They’re Manchester based Estate and Lettings Agents hence my above rant. Anyway, they’ve come to PushON to deliver a focussed regional campaign. So we really would be looking to focus on regional search, which is sensible. They don’t need to rank for terms like “Buy a house in Camden” because they don’t have any houses in Camden. Ranking for terms like Buy an appartment in Manchester City Centre would be very nice of course.

We like Kings Residential. We tend to work with people we actually like. It makes life more liveable. We’d also appreciate any feedback on their site.

Kings Residential Website