Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Microsoft Tool

PushON | September 5th 2007

Microsoft have got some great tools in their adCenter Labs which can help target potential customers and improve Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts

However, it’s comforting to see that their Ad Text Writer demonstrates that not everything in this shiny new digital world can be automated.

Here are some of the suggested PPC adverts their tool suggested for one of our clients; ContractStore, which is an E-Commerce site dedicated to Legal Documents and Contract Templates.

MSN Microsoft PPC Adverts

How’s this for a compelling advert:

“Important Notice – This notice applies to all materials and information available on this website”. It just begs to be clicked on!

Clearly human intervention is needed when creating adverts.

When copywriting for PPC Adverts you should keep the following in mind:

  • Use your main keywords within your advert text – and preferably in the heading
  • Keep to the guidelines specified by your publisher for punctuation, character limit & grammar (guidelines are similar but not exactly the same for Google PPC, MSN/Live Search, Yahoo Search Marketing, Miva, etc)
  • Deep link to the specific page covering the topic your bidding on keywords for; it’s usually something other than the homepage
  • Be clear about what you are offering – vague adverts will generate limited or irrelevant traffic – which is a waste of your money
  • Use a good call to action – an example for this client might be “Download Contract Templates Now!”
  • Test multiple advert variations using different calls to actions, positioning, and test how adding product pricing affects your results
  • See what your competitors are doing, and work out how to stand out from the crowd

I like some of the Microsoft tools, but I would only use then for inspiration – a starting point that can be edited and developed… or just to laugh at them a little bit!