Mince Cry part 3: The Hunger Pains

PushON | December 15th 2015

PushON are delighted to announce the third instalment of our classically festive Christmas game, Mince Cry. At the time of the year when Christmas marketing campaigns are thrown into the arena like district champions, some with just a loose connection to a recent event or for needless social media promotion, Mince Cry is here to remind us that we should treat the festive season with a little more fun, and remember – there’s always tears at Christmas.

With any new version of game released in time for Christmas, we’ve made a format change to keep everyone hooked. Much like the least enthralling film franchise of the year, Mince Cry 3: The Hunger Pains can be enjoyed even if you didn’t play part 1 or 2. In fact, you don’t even have to play, or watch PushON staff torture ourselves, we’ll take that pain for you.

If you really wanted to catch up on events from days gone by, check out the following links:

The Rules

For Mince Cry 3, our champion will be simply crowned when they’re the last one standing. It’s a simple endurance game, rather than the previous knock out format.

All you’ll need is an adequate number of mini mince pies and a chilli-based weapon of choice; here’s ours:


Each round should see the same number of pies to participants, with just half of them having had a sensible amount of chilli sauce inserted.

Individual participants must then chomp through as many rounds as they can manage. If they’re lucky they might avoid a tainted pie right through to the end, either that or fight their way through round after round of spice.

Whatever happens, may the odds be ever in your flavour.

If you want to get involved, do share any “Why, Mince Cry?!” faces on #MinceCry.

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