Ding Dong Welling up on Pie

PushON | December 23rd 2013

We promised tears and we got them.

The inaugural Mince Cry contest was a flaming success with all of the on looking PushON crowd struggling to keep their eyes dry, whether laughing, joining in with the tears, or choking on the vapours of Da Bomb chilli sauce in the air. Here’s how the night unfolded..

Da Bomb

After tucking into our hog roast and a few beers the draw for the knockout rounds was made, and our 8 brave competitors took up their seats in front of the goading crowd. The quarter finals saw 4 one-on-ones, with a bite sized pie for each competitor. The dosage in the tainted pies was bearable, although our first round losers, Jonny, Kat, Simon and David continued to feel the heat – despite some attempts to cover up the pain, each of them needed to take a moment!

Onto the semi-finals where we loaded the pies up with a bit more fire (wasn’t fixed..) and saw Tom take on Darnell and Pedrom take on Chris. Here come the tears!! with Darnell the first victim of the name of the game.

We’d already made it through a good few pints of milk by this point, but the worst was yet to come as our Mince Cry finalists took their seats for what turned out to be a fiery finale.

In true PushON style we raised the stakes for the final. Tom and Pedrom were presented with a plate of 4 large mince pies, one of which was laced with our insane sauce (again, wasn’t fixed…) The tension was unbearable as no one knew just when the killer blow would be delivered. Both contestants were left sweating as each picked a plain mince pie first time round, with Pedrom almost struggling to finish his! So, down to the final two pies. Who’d be crowned our Mince Cry winner and who’d be shortly heaving over the balcony in between mouthfuls of milk? I think we captured the result well..

So it was Pedrom who was crowned winner, struggling himself after forcing down 4 regular mince pies, whilst Tom chugged away and wept outside. A great little competition, one we’ll no doubt be taking up a few notches next Christmas so watch this space!

We captured most of the night on our Instagram page and the Mince Cry twitter hashtag, so go and grab a slice of the action! We hope you’ve inspired you this Christmas, and we’re sure that Mince Cry will be sweeping the nation this year in place of the Queen’s speech.

N.B. Chilli Facts

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity sauce is made with pure habanero and measures 119,700 Scoville units. That’s around the same range as a Scotch Bonnet pepper, 10x as much as a Serrano pepper, 25x hotter than a Jalapeño pepper and over 750x more than a Pimento. Can you handle that heat?