MMU Agency Life – Story So Far

PushON | November 6th 2013

MMU Business School

I am currently in my second year of a four year degree course in Advertising Management and Brand Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. I decided to take a part in MMU Agency Life project to develop skills which will help me out with my final year and throughout my career in marketing environment. At the beginning of September I was really worried if internship route was a good choice but now I know it was the best decision ever made regarding my education. I believe that first-hand experience of working in a real company those days is essential and must be seen as advantage in competitive marketing environment.

I was very lucky to become an intern in PushON online marketing agency based in Manchester. Well known in the North West it grows quickly and expands wide its business what is really impressive. This Award- winning online marketing agency is well known for its professionalism and attention to detail.

What I like the most is the good atmosphere in PushON. Everybody is friendly and relaxed. Every single day in Agency is well planned and organised. There is really a very good opportunity to learn as we get complex tasks to complete.

For the first two weeks we concentrated on shadowing PushON staff members and on learning new programs and tools which help to increase online traffic for websites.

In our third week we had a first occasion to work as a part of a team with other interns. We were asked to generate ideas for a new campaign for a PushON client. I really enjoyed brainstorming session with my colleges. At the end of the day we all came forward with four really good ideas for the new marketing campaign. Newly explored tools like Moz  and Google Trends were very useful at this task. Hopefully, all ideas will become useful in our new project.

We had also a chance to meet with the managing Director and owner of the Company, Simon who gave us some good tips on how to become successful in marketing.

I am happy to be a part of an Agency Life in PushON because I learn there a lot and I am always looking forward to facing new challenges.

Joanna (@Joanna_Klime)