My favourite 3 search results (at the moment)

PushON | May 8th 2007

If there’s one reason Google is the most popular search engine in the world it’s because it returns great results. Quite simply it cornered the market at a time when other popular search engines returned unexpected results to obvious search terms. Although all the search engines have improved greatly over the years I’m always amused at some of the unexpected search results that come our way. Even the mighty Google isn’t infallible and here are my top 3 irrelevant search results hits we’ve received at in the last month in ascending order;

3. Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing – One of our clients is a cosmetic dentist in Cheshire and we of course do their online marketing. Ok it’s an easy mistake to make and a weak example but we’re number one for the term. Maybe we could carve ourselves a niche as cosmetic dentistry marketing it would appear we are the authority.

2. 757 Manchester Video – We’re based in Manchester and did an experimental viral marketing video and we have 757 as part of our telephone number.

3. Hat Making Techniques – I wrote an article a while back called “Top 5 Black Hat and White Hat Search Engines Optimisation Techniques” it has nothing at all to do with hat making.

Maybe we should make this a regular post every month? Does anyone else have any great examples to share?