My Time at PushON – Lily Wharton

Lily Wharton | January 5th 2015

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My name is Lily Wharton and I have come to visit PushON with my dad as my school has an inset day. PushON is an SEO and digital marketing agency, founded in 2005 by Roy Wilding and Simon Wharton and based in Manchester.

I have been asked to produce a blog post on PushON to give a better view on how it works. To do this I interviewed a few employees about their jobs and how they view PushON from their personal perspectives so I could give my opinion from both an outside an inside perspective.

Question 1: What is your name?

Simon: Simon Wharton

Charlie: Charles Hankers

Nikki: Nikki Stasyszyn

Tom: Tom Procter

Question 2: What is your job?

Simon: The managing director

Charlie: Copywriter

Nikki: Online marketing team manager

Tom: Web developer

Question 3: How does your job affect the agency?

Simon: I work with the other directors (the senior people within the business who amongst themselves decide what the business does) to decide what the business sells and to ensure that it’s delivered

Charlie: I write the articles that I’m told to write for the clients to put on their website.

Nikki: I co-ordinate the marketing team to make sure that the work gets done and I also manage several of the projects.

Tom: I make the websites so the agency has something to sell

Question 4: What things do you do on an average day of your job?

Simon: My main responsibility is the sales and getting new business. I also have some responsibility of existing clients and I’m (sort-of) the face of the business. Sometimes I help the other directors if they need it.

Charlie: Just writing, generally.

Nikki: I watch over the marketing team and make sure they can all do their jobs. I also run marketing campaigns for the client.

Tom: I do server administration and I check what the server admins are doing. I speak to the clients and the dev team.

Question 5: What skills do you need in general to successfully perform your job?

Simon: I have to be able to build relationships with clients and I have to have a good understanding of online marketing (for example getting to see and getting the right audience to come and buy). I need to be able to run a business and have a good understanding of how other businesses work.

Charlie: I need good English writing skills (like writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar to make sure no mistakes are on the article) and a good understanding of the audience and what type of language choices are appropriate.

Nikki: General online marketing and patience.

Tom: Understanding of programming languages and the software that we use. I also need communication and problem solving skills.

Question 6: Can you explain what work you’re doing today and why?

Simon: I am looking at our new clients to make sure that the team who deliver the services I’ve sold to the client understand what they have to do.

Charlie: I am writing a brief history of human resources for a client. Human resources are the people who deal with the staff, for example interviews and sacking and hiring people. The client is a company that take care of human resources for other businesses to save them time. As an example, say an employee wanted to book some holiday dates, instead of actually going to a human resources person she could book on the days off online and save the company time.

Nikki: I’m doing monthly reports for our clients to show what we’ve done in the past month.

Tom: I’m fixing issues on an existing website.

Question 7: Tell me what your favourite or best piece of work is and why you did that work.

Simon: I set up a competition for the Hayundia i30 for people to produce a music video including sounds made by the car. I did this because the client wanted to change how the product was perceived and to make it appeal to a younger audience. Here’s a link to the website:

Charlie: I like doing inside projects for PushON because there’s no clients to tell you what you need to do and it can be fun.

Nikki: We did some work for a provider of office space in London. They came to us with an un-ranking website and we got them in the top ten ranking websites with the search term their brand.

Tom: Domu – we needed to design and build them a website but we had a time limit. It was a very high pressure job but we got it done well and I was very proud.

Question 8: How would you describe PushON?

Simon: The North-West’s leading e-commerce agency.

Charlie: A very professional place where everyone gets along well and is very effective.

Nikki: A fun online marketing agency with great people to work with.

Tom: A digital consultancy agency who provide help to businesses and give them assistance on how they can improve the website or if they need a new one.


Through my interview I have gathered that PushON is an effective community to help people with their online marketing for their company, if it’s getting people to click or re-designing the website. The people are kind, effective and helpful and very efficient when it comes to getting the job done.