My Valentine

Julie Powell | February 13th 2013

The buzz around the office is “What are your getting that special person in your life for Valentines”?

My response, nothing, why waste your money. Surely if your other half is that special, you don’t need to be told when to or how to romance them.

Valentines Card, Flowers, Chocolates, Weekend Away, Romantic Music, Perfume the list is endless and just another opportunity for the retail industry to make money.

The only extra effort I will be making is to place a candle or two on the dining table when we share our evening meal on Thursday and show him this blog. Because my special person knows how important he is to me not just one day a year but everyday and he knows this because I tell him and guess what it costs me nothing .

However if you’re looking for something to let the SEO/DEV/Geek in your life know how much you love them, here are some suggestions:

Apple iPhone 5 Fun – Funny – Cute – I Love Geeks Case/Cover + Screen Protector – Black


iCube in Display



Social like mug – tea

Wev Developers do it with <style> T Shirts

Web Developers do it with <style> T Shirts

  SEO Chick T-Shirt

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