New Google Webmaster Tools Interface

PushON | May 22nd 2009

gwt-logoGoogle has revamped the look of its Webmaster Tools service. At the moment the updated look is optional but we expect it to be rolled out within the next month. This is the latest in several aesthetic updates to Google services which has also included Google AdWords.

The new Google Webmaster Tools interface makes using the service easier and more intuitive. The site dashboard interface is particularly useful, displaying the top search queries and any crawl errors that Google has found.

Top Webmaster Tools Tips

  • Check your Webmaster Tools account for Not Found URLs, these are URLs which are linked to either internally or from external sources which cannot be found by Google. Webmaster Tools provides you with a list of these and a list of the pages where these links are coming from. You should 301 redirect these not found pages to a relevant page on your site, or to the home page. This will improve your link equity and remove the error messages from Webmaster Tools.
  • Check the HTML Suggestions area of Webmaster Tools (under diagnostics) for problems with meta descriptions, title tags and any non-indexable content.
  • Add your sitemap(s) to Webmaster Tools to ensure that Google knows where all your pages are.