New search engine Ortigra reveals early success

PushON | July 3rd 2012

A new search engine which only came into operation on 11th June is reported to already have registered more than 300,000 searches., a search engine which promotes itself on the basis of being able to offer family friendly content blocking facilities, claims to have achieved significant penetration in both Europe and the US.

The new search engine was originally developed around two years ago in Amsterdam, in association with Islamic search engine, I’

I’, which also boasted a similar filtering capacity, has subsequently ceased operations, leaving the door open for to target I’’s 3 million former users as well as extending its reach to other users who are also potentially interested in filtering out certain search results.

In this capacity, promotes itself as the ideal search platform not only for households wishing to avoid unsuitable content reaching younger users, but also for businesses and other organisations such as schools wanting to restrict inappropriate internet searches among users. is also hoping to capitalise on these markets further with its plans to introduce an even more sophisticated filtering facility, called ‘oSafe’, whereby users will be able to tailor their blocking requirements. says that its early success has also been helped by other unique features, particularly its appeal to the more socially conscious user through its pledge to sponsor a child in the third world for every 100,000 searches carried out on its site.

In addition, the site also offers a special ‘quick view’ function enabling users to view pages from as many as 10 different websites simultaneously.