Northern eCommerce Awards Shortlist Announced

Charlie Hankers | September 8th 2017

PushON’s developers are patting each other on the back after landing three shortlist entries in the prestigious Northern eCommerce Awards 2017. Arranged by the respected business journal Prolific North, the awards celebrate online retail in the North of England and are back for a second year after a great ceremony in 2016.

The Categories

PushON is nominated in three categories:

B2C eCommerce Website of the Year

This is for our work creating a new website for Ilford Photo, probably the world’s most recognisable brand of black and white camera film, photographic paper and darkroom chemistry. We built the site from the ground up, incorporating not just an eCommerce site but also a social hub and showcase to help service a thriving community that’s actually growing despite everyone carrying a high resolution digital camera in their pockets.

Best Online Experience

Also for Ilford Photo, this award recognises the ease with which users can flit between seeking advice on photography, viewing other people’s excellent shots and buying the products needed to put their inspiration into practice. The seamless experience was a key feature of the site, and it’s all wrapped up in an evocative monochrome mood – it’s probably what a website would have looked like if it was designed in Soho in 1966.

Large eCommerce Agency of the Year

This award recognises the contribution eCommerce agencies make to the local and national economy by delivering excellent sites that customers love. While undeniably focused on the development team who are instrumental in creating the sites, we like to think it recognises the whole company – account managers, admin staff and marketers – whose support, good humour and hard work all helped to contribute to a record-breaking year during pretty tough times.

Fingers Crossed

The event is a black-tie dinner to be held on 11 October in Manchester Cathedral. You’ll be able to follow proceedings on social media (follow PushON on Twitter to stay updated). Obviously we’re hoping to bag the awards in three hotly-contested categories overseen by stringent judges, but we wish our fellow eCommerce businesses all the best for the night – it’s all proof that there’s some phenomenal work going on Up North, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

View the full shortlist here