Nosto’s eCommerce Checklist Could Reverse the Summer Downturn

PushON | June 8th 2015

Have you ever been nudged in your online shopping journey towards a complementary or similar product? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve been Nostoed. Nosto is a plugin that helps ecommerce sites’ revenues by analysing customer behaviour and making links to things that might be of interest to the buyer. Used well, it can be a valuable and non-intrusive way of cross-selling or upselling to customers, and many of PushON’s ecommerce clients use it.

Nosto has a wealth of expertise in customer behaviour, and points out that over summer, e-retailers can suffer massive drops as customers go on holiday. If you’re an online retailer, Nosto’s new white paper offers you eleven sun-kissed tips to beat the blue-sky blues and help you to go for gold while your customers are going bronze.