Online Marketing Tools – Link Bait

PushON | April 30th 2007

ContractStore have developed a generic privacy policy that can be used on business websites. The deal is, it’s available free of charge, as long as a link to the ContractStore website is shown.Link

They have developed some useful free documents for business in the past, but on this occasion they have specifically designed it for use on websites, thus increasing the chance of business owners adding a relevant link to the site, which in turn increase prominence search engine results.

Other examples of link bait include a brilliant campaign by the founders of Pastafarianism – they’ve achieved linkage in the authoritative website Wikipedia, and I can’t help but reference it myself – Flying Spaghetti Monster;


When creating an online marketing campaign, it is also important to note that mass link exchange, and large quantities of irrelevant links can damage search engine ranking for your site.

This is because Search Engines, particularly Google have algorithms in place which ensure that relevant information is returned to the user as much as possible.

This includes weeding out ‘black hat’ SEO techniques or unnatural/automated link growth, which tricks search engines into thinking they are relevant rather than including good content for the user. ContractStore are encouraging natural linkage using a useful legal document designed for use on business websites.

Further information on Link Bait can be found on Jamie’s Link Building Blog, Aaron Wall’s SEO blog, and Matt Cutts Google, Gadgets, SEO blog.