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PushON | August 29th 2007

PodcastI’ve been listening to Podcasts for a while now, I love them, but I’ve had to sift through some fairly horrific examples. To make life easier for those interested in the same field, I’ve put together some of my personal recommendations.

Online Marketing Podcasts

Academy Internet is a UK based company which produces the Internet Marketing Podcast. They offer advice on new topics such as Web 2.0, Social Media and Podcasting, they explain current best practice online marketing techniques, and warn us away from black hat. It’s a great free resource from an agency that clearly know what they’re doing. Here’s the link to the Internet Marketing Podcast.

Marketing Experiments; this podcast is in the format of telephone conferences and discussion of reports. Some of the content can be quite dry, but it’s well researched, and they have useful statistics. Download the Marketing Experiments Podcast here.

Web Design Podcasts

Boagworld is another UK based company which produce a podcast for those who are involved in designing, developing and running websites. The shows are easy to listen to, and covers topics such as web accessibility, standards based design, blogging and new developments in the field. They generally waffle for the first 10 minutes of so, but it’s worth hanging on for the high quality content, and it’s usually quite amusing. Here’s the link to the Boagworld Podcast.

Photoshop Killer Tips is a video podcast showing useful tutorials for Photoshop users; along with Photoshop User TV. These are both useful and have graphical examples. Photoshop TV is more laid back and conversational, it’s easy to watch, but sometimes goes of topic.

Links to Photoshop Killer Tips podcast and Photoshop User TV podcast are here.