Optimise for the future, not just today – SASCon BETA 2014

PushON | December 1st 2014

SAScon BETA 2014

Richard talks about optimising for the future. We need to get to a position where SEO catches up with other channels. Present penalties, people have spoken up about making SEO strategies strategic. We need to put in effort to make these strategies work.

Case study with Skype – the website had a lot of redundant URLs and worthless content. They wanted to look long term how to build something that lasts with an example of 4,000 pages being turned into 80 pages. They also looked at responsive design, search engine user journey, progressive enhancement and content for users.

Richard goes on to say we need to remember that people matter. We can look at the types of people we can target by looking and researching the keyphrases that are relevant to them. 

Bing ads keyword tool gives demographic information and the way it’s used differently by both men and woman gives a range of useful information.

Richard discusses SEO link tips including:

  1. How you must earn links naturally
  2. Outreach how to develop relationships
  3. How outreach is done – it must be beneficial
  4. Finding what a companies strengths are and using them to their advantages

Most SEO’s think they know a lot about analytics but when you sit them down, there is basic content they didn’t understand. Unless you set targets you don’t know what’s good or bad. You can’t just judge how well a companies doing with the links that it has.