Pay Per Click Advertising Goals

PushON | May 28th 2008

I subscribe to the ROI Revolution blog, they are Google Analytics experts in the US.

Something really useful came up in one of their recent posts about Monetizing Goals. Whenever I’m working on a Pay Per Click campaign, my usual objective is to achieve the highest revenue, with a low cost per conversion, ensuring a good ROI.  And when I’m working on a non-ecommerce site, I aim to achieve the highest number of conversions, and lowest cost per conversion.

However, up until now, I’ve not assigned a monetary goal value to non e-commerce sites.  But with input from clients who have a rough idea of how many enquiries result in sales, and the average value of a sale, we can see a more informed representation of the Return On Investment (ROI) that we achieve.

ROI Revolution suggest that you would divide the average sale by the number of enquiries required to acheive a sale.

The benefit they see is much more information available in the pre-defined reports.  But what I can see as a big advantage is assigning a different monetary value for a different type of enquiry which may achieve a higher average conversion rate (post initial enquiry) and/or higher average sale price.

This gives a higher degree of clarity (albeit estimated), so you have more information to tailor your Pay Per Click spend to achieve a higher ROI.