PayPal optimises mobile log in to ease mobile shopping woes

PushON | May 7th 2013

With the number of consumers making purchases on their smartphone or tablet, it has become apparent that the need for quick and simple payment options is paramount. Indeed, research has found that almost a quarter of consumers left their shopping cart if asked to create an account and about half clicked away from a site if they couldn’t remember their password. In response to these issues PayPal has optimised Log In with PayPal for use with mobile devices and PayPal’s check out is now fully integrated.

Log In with PayPal, previously known as PayPal Access, aims to simplify online check outs. It has everything that the retailer and the consumer require to create an account and make the purchase; this includes billing information, shipping details and account holder identification.

According to one of PayPal’s users:

“Log In with PayPal adds tremendous value to Gigya clients by streamlining registration and providing merchants with a great way to reduce shopping cart abandonment.”

PayPal rolled out the optimised Log In with PayPal during the 2013 Future Insights conference, taking place in Las Vegas this week. PayPal believes the new integrated solution will ease the frustration felt by consumers when attempting to purchase online vie their mobile devices. Ultimately, PayPal believes Log In with PayPal will make online shopping easier.

PayPal claims to have over 128 million registered accounts across the globe who trust it to manage their financial transactions, safely and efficiently, on a daily basis.

Using Log In with PayPal means consumers need only remember one account and password for online shopping. If it is successful it could see mobile purchases become easier and more common globally.