Penalties For Spammy Page Titles….Maybe

PushON | August 4th 2009

After some late reading last night i came across an interesting post by Shaun Anderson of Hobo about page titles. A company had contacted him to ask why he was not getting any hits. Shaun like any SEO did a few tests and noticed that for the site url no page title was being displayed in Google. The title was extremely spammy but rarely have we seen a title be completely removed from the search results. Is this a new penalty? Who knows but my guess is that there are probably some other on site issues playing there part. It could even just be a glitch with Google.

To avoid any possibility of such an event site owners are advised to keep titles below 70 characters and make them readable to humans. There are of course many ways to construct a page title with some opting for pure keyword based titles and others going for more carefully crafted ones. Either way those clever people over at SEOMoz put together a great article on SEO best practices and more importantly title tag formats. Well worth a look.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes to light over the next month. If you have seen any similar cases then we would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.