Planet X Re-union in Liverpool

PushON | March 18th 2008

If you’re interested in search or webby things, this post isn’t for you. Planet X was a club in Liverpool that I worked at for a few years after Uni. It wasn’t a disco type thing. Just about every great band of the time played there. The Mission who were just huge at the time played their end of world tour gig there. Dinosaur Jr, The Boo Radleys, Extreme Noise Terror, UK Subs, Carcass, Ride, Primal Scream, Discharge, the Hamster Sexx Monsters. OK one of those wasn’t that famous but that was the beauty of The Planet. Some famous punk/goth/thrash bands and a whole host of bands that were great for the 20 minutes they were on stage and then disbanded. Anyway, Planet X is a Liverpool legend that deservse even greater  prominence than Erics.

To cut to the chase, there is going to be a Planet X 25 year reunion in Liverpool on 25th May in Liverpool at Le Bateau.

This post exists mainly to acieve the search ranking to find out about Planet X. If you were one of us, check out the Planet X MySpace page