When You Play The Game Of Thrones…

Elle Williams | April 26th 2016

You Win Or You Die. There Is No Middle Ground.

Winter is coming – one of the most famous and used quotes to come from a TV show. I very much doubt that I need to mention which TV show this quote is from, but in case your memory has purposely blocked out any recollection of it, ‘winter is coming’, is of course from Game of Thrones, the most controversial, unbelievably tense and traumatic TV show to enter the universe. This is no lie. I have had many sleepless nights worrying about the fate of my favourite characters, not knowing whether they will live to see another day, or whether Ramsey B*****d Bolton will enjoy another splendid sausage for his dinner, or whether Littlefinger aka Petyr Baelish will get more Irish as the season goes on. It truly takes over one’s life, but what I do know is, is that as much as I dread to find out which character will have countless, unexpected stabbings by his followers (no character reference required here) during the ultimate episode 9 and 10, like millions of people around the world, my life is somewhat incomplete for 10 months of the year.

Although I’ve only been part of the PushON family for a few weeks, the big topic of the day is without doubt Game of Thrones, so I thought it would make a perfect first blog for me to write.

You can’t escape GoT even if you wanted to and while we Britons are avoiding social media and online news sites in case we uncover a spoiler that could quite possibly ruin our lives for the next 10 weeks, I’ve been digging around (slyly) to find the best Game of Thrones content related ideas, whilst creating PushON’s very own House banner – if you’re team House PushON, then do tweet us, we’re on the North side of the wall #HousePushON.

So while the seven kingdoms are all fighting for the Iron Throne and abolishing anything and anyone that comes in their way in the most brutal way possible, Hootsuite released its own Game of Thrones spin off video, ‘Game of Social Thrones’. We all know that the opening credits to Game of Thrones is fairly long, but Hootsuite’s spin off video is a must watch – it even has music and its only 2 minutes long. You could even skip the opening credits for Game of Thrones for Hootsuite’s version.

Have a watch of the Game of Social Thrones video and tweet House PushON with your thoughts using #HousePushON

Happy viewing! https://youtu.be/2zCw_-XsTPE 

Whilst Game of Thrones aired episode 1 (and what an episode it was), Facebook was firing out the Game of Thrones related paid adverts as quickly as the ‘Red Wedding’ scene in season 3. Here are a couple of paid Facebook adverts that I spotted during Game of Thrones from Specsavers and Deliveroo.

Facebook Game of Thrones Adverts

And then there are the Twitter trending hashtags including the original #GameofThrones with an exclusive Iron Throne emoticon, #Gameofthronespinoffs and with no surprise, trending characters such as Melisandre and Jon Snow. I’m sure that the majority of social media posts from your favourite brands were jumping on the Game of Thrones bandwagon by creating their own House, sharing gifs and incorporating Game of Thrones puns into their messages. Either way, a Game of Thrones online marketing campaign is effective and keeps up with current trends. It’s a campaign that if conducted correctly, can deliver high quality leads to your website, increase brand awareness, drive sales and of course, makes your company pretty cool.

So whilst the PushON team are all discussing what happened in Game of Thrones, I will be mourning my Jon Snow mug that sadly lost its life with great dignity, but in the words of Sam Tulley “The thing about Jon Snow is, he always comes back”.

Jon Snow