PokémonGO has taken over PushON!

Jennifer Faughnan | July 14th 2016

PokémonGO is finally out in the UK, and we, like most people in the UK, spent our lunch breaks walking to Pokéstops and looking for Pokémon.

As we’re next to the canal we’re inundated with Magikarp, though they’re conveniently on brand, so have now been dubbed the PushON Pokémon mascot! Honestly though, we actually have a chance of collecting the crazy 400 candies needed to evolve Magikarp into the mighty Gyarados, so we’re not complaining! A few other Pokémon have been spotted around the office too:




What is PokémonGO all about?

I’m not about to give a detailed guide on how to play this game, but here’s the low down in case you (somehow) haven’t encountered it yet.

PokémonGO is an Augmented Reality game which overlays the real world and integrates with it, as opposed to virtual reality which is complete immersion into a digital world which can be fabricated or based on a real location.

Pokémon pop up anywhere – it seems that water based pokémon appear near water (which we can vouch for), grass near forests etc etc (makes sense!)

Pokéstops are places you can go to collect goodies such as more pokéballs. They are located at ‘landmarks’ designated as such from data of geo-tagged images on google and a previous geo-location game from Niantic – Ingress. We wrote about that years ago here if you’re interested!

Pokégyms are where you can go to battle other player’s pokémon in an attempt to gain control of the gym for your team. They are the more popular landmarks based on the Ingress data.

PokémonGO Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t power up your pokémon until you’re nearer level 20! I know it’s hard to resist but the higher level you are, the higher CP pokémon you get, so it’s worth waiting.
  2. Wait to evolve as many pokémon as you can when you have a lucky egg. It doubles your xp helping you level up faster
  3. If you see a gym that’s already your teams – add your pokémon to it! You might need to train a bit before you can but it’ll be worth it in the long run!
  4. Catch ’em all! YES even the Magikarp and especially all the Pidgeys! They only cost 12 candies to evolve so it’s worth it!

PokémonGO and Safety

There have been concerns for safety with the game. Some teens were fined for using it whilst driving, the NSPCC also criticised the launch due to concerns over the potential luring of children.

Another concern is the placement of the gyms. For example, the gym located near our offices is placed at the center of a very busy roundabout.
Artistic structure

There’s what’s considered an ‘artistic structure’ in the middle, however it’s not easy and a bit dangerous to get close to it.

Our nearest Pokéstope however is Mystic Meg – the delightful cow at the end of the wharf!

Mystic Meg

PokémonGO and Health

It’s not all bad! PokémonGO is making us fit! I walked nearly two miles on my lunch walking from one Pokéstop to another, (and have the blisters to prove it!) Many have reported increased activity levels due to the game.

It’s also great for mental health and social anxiety as it’s getting people out and meeting other players at the popular locations.

Have you been enjoying PokémonGO? We’ve spotted a fair few people around the office today hunting!