Powerful reach of email marketing via smartphones revealed

PushON | June 1st 2012

A new report has revealed the high extent to which marketing emails are read by smartphone owners; not only on their actual smartphones, but also at a later time when they are using a desktop computer or laptop.

The report, from digital marketing advisors, STEEL London, reveals that 36% of smartphone users surveyed looked at marketing emails when they appeared on their screens; with this proportion increasing to 55% among those in the 18 to 34 year old age bracket.

Of those who looked at the marketing emails they received, 69% were found to have immediately acted on this information; with 42% clicking on an attached URL; and 30% actually buying a product or service.

The percentages were even higher for those in the 18 to 34 year old group; with 52% saying they had clicked on to a website, and 35% reporting having bought an item.

Interestingly, of those who read a marketing mobile on their smartphones, one third said they purposely saved the most relevant messages for closer inspection when they would be able to access a desktop or laptop computer later on.

Referring to this phenomenon, the chief executive officer of STEEL, Andy Hinder, said that mobile handsets were increasingly being used as a ‘gatekeeper’ for marketing emails; and that marketers therefore needed to focus on ‘how they further adapt their email marketing strategies for mobile.’

On a less positive note, the survey also uncovered criticism from consumers that there was ‘too much scrolling’ (42%); the ‘wrong layout for mobiles’ on some emails (29%); and ‘too much content’ (27%).