PPC daily management is vital

PushON | April 8th 2013

Advertising online using pay per click (PPC) provides an easily tracked and controlled website traffic source, which is especially useful for small and medium online retailers. Despite this, many businesses do not manage their AdWord (Google’s PPC) account on a daily basis. Indeed, a significant number are only managing their AdWords account monthly, or even less.

When managing PPC, businesses can use AdWord’s search query report. This will show the range of search phrases used by browsers who have clicked on the advert. This in turn allows businesses to fine tune their ‘match’ settings.

Businesses using PPC can also take advantage of sitelinks. These can be used and updated on a regular basis in order to offer promotions to customers, and potential customers. They can be used to introduce and promote new products or to highlight an upcoming event.

For instance, if an upcoming, major sports event is important to a business, a sitelink can be added to promote it.

Daily management of PPC allows businesses to identify trends in ad-group performance. These trends may require altering PPC budgets to suit but riding these highs can bring in significant sales. This can only be done, however, with regular PPC management.

As part of the daily management of PPC, businesses should be trying different versions of their adverts and monitoring the click-through rates for each version. Not only does this give good insight into the efficacy of each ad but it is worth noting that higher click-through rates improve AdWord quality scores.

It seems daily management of PPC should be a priority for any business hoping to maximise its potential.