PushON Brings Home a Prestigious Campaign Award

PushON | January 29th 2016

Despite winning multiple awards over the years, the PushON team still gets excited about bringing a new one home, so last night we were celebrating an addition to the cabinet from the Northern Digital Awards held in Leeds. We won the Best Low Budget Campaign award with our “Perception of Colour” campaign for Buy T-Shirts Online.

The category exists to prove that online marketing campaigns don’t need thousands of pounds of investment as long as there’s a team with imagination, technical ability and marketing instinct. The field was strong, which made winning all the sweeter.

See what judge Tom Cheesewright had to say about our winning entry.

The Campaign

The campaign was launched in August 2015 and dealt with the way certain colours of clothing are viewed in terms of intelligence, attractiveness, trustworthiness, arrogance and other human qualities.

After a preparatory phase where we scoped out various campaign ideas, we decided the perception of colour was the strongest as it focused on things that are important to people. We set up an online questionnaire to gather people’s views on the various colours, then set about interpreting the results. A key finding was that black ranked highly across most of the categories, so we knew this would be our hook.

The next stage was to produce the content piece itself. We started by writing the copy, a 2000-word piece that reflected the tone of the piece – entertaining, amusing and not to be taken too literally. We then created some accompanying graphics and posted it up as a scrolling study on BTSO’s website.

Finally we had to light the touch-paper. We drew up a press release and seeded the story to various online outlets. We also used Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to get the conversations started.

The first indication that it was going to be big came when people started arguing about it in the subreddit we had posted it in, /r/dataisbeautiful. The conversation ranged from discussing the conclusions of the article from a scientific standpoint to claiming it was a cynical attempt for BTSO to sell more black T-shirts! That people were genuinely opining and disagreeing on the survey’s conclusions was a very good sign.

colour_perception_fanOver the course of a day, the post rose through the ranks in the subreddit before appearing on the second page of Reddit and rising to fourth on the front page in the afternoon. At the same time, newspapers, fashion bloggers and general interest blogs started to feature the story, and over the course of the week it spread worldwide, with the conclusions of the survey being discussed in a plethora of languages.

NorthernDigitalTrophyAlthough it’s six months old now, the story is still being referred to and new articles are continually being written about it. At the time of writing, it has been featured in the Independent, Elle, Slate, Marie Claire, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Ask Men, Playboy, Shortlist, GQ Magazine and Fox among many others.

The campaign shows what wonderful results can be achieved when a team’s members all work to their strengths. Great conceptual idea generation, buy-in and support from the client, data analysis that seeks out interesting angles, accessible copywriting, informative graphical work and intelligent seeding are an award-winning combination.

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