PushON at IRX 2015

PushON | March 25th 2015

Push ’n Mix demo Showcases Ecommerce and POS

IRX attendees will be able to see how intuitive the Magento customer experience can be when they use PushON’s pushnmix.co.uk site. Order traditional sweeties from your phone, tablet or laptop and pick up your order from our stand, B93.

When you’re picking up your treats you’ll also be able to see the latest in point-of-sale technology that’s seamlessly integrating online and in-store retail. PushON has specially created an ebizmarts payment and stock control system for our pop-up confectionary store. It’ll show retailers how you can run your online and in-store retail operations from the same Magento installation, with full customer-facing and ecommerce features rolled into one solution. Barcodes, stock control, payments, orders, delivery … PushON can put it all on a single app.

Fill your Bags!

Come and see us on B93 for a chat about ecommerce development – and maybe a pear drop or two.