PushON Launches Two Brand New Websites

PushON | March 5th 2010

It’s been a busy old month at the PushON offices and in the last week or so we have launched two brand new websites. These were for the Pet Research Advisory Company and Smoke Free North West.

The PET Research Advisor Company brief was to design and develop a website that helps promote Positron Emission Tomography (PET). It’s not an area we are too familiar with but it’s provided an exciting and challenging project for us. We decided to go with WordPress for the build as it is SEO friendly and the endless plugins provide the extra functionality we required. Clean and simple design principles were used on the project as the emphasis needed to be on highlighting the high level content.

Terry of THE PRA had this to say about the build:

Especially important was the tutoring provided by PushON to allow the client to painlessly load material onto and edit the draft Web Sites. This provided for a very efficient and creative collaborative exercise

For the Smoke Free North West project PushON were asked to rebuild an existing site in WordPress. This would help make the site more search engine friendly and provide a functional CMS for staff members to use.

Smoke Free North West is funded by all 24 NHS primary care trusts in the North West and aims to provide a tobacco free future for people in the region. The site provides an authoritative resource on the effects of tobacco and how to quit smoking.

We were pretty excited to be working on such projects and we are currently in the development process for a number of other key new websites. We will keep you updated on those but please share your comments with us on the new sites.